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Friday Night Sites and the Pick Six

September 24, 2010

Well, Pick Six is back, and we offer no guarantee of these picks being good, unless we win, then we need our cut, or I’ll send this guy after you.

courtesy of CA over at KSK. Nice work. I will now gouge my eyes out.

Sorry about that. Really. LET’S GO TO WORK!

Virginia Tech/Boston College: Really don’t care about either team, just another early preseason VT hype session marred by a loss in the FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON. Also, I just had to show this to you. Let’s put this gawddamn game in ah reahhhhview. end awful text representation of Baaaaastahn AKcents. Wally’s awful Pick: VT 21-17

Alabama/Arkansas: Good thing this game isn’t on paper, or else neither fanbase would be able to read it! Thank you thank you, try the veal. That joke is totally not gonna get me in trouble, because this is a blog with words, and neither state has the internets, or good dental plans. Wally’s Completely REDIC pick: Ar-Kansas 35-21. It’s because Ryan Mallett totally did it with Erin Andrews. My reasoning? If you take a picture with EA, bloggers must automatically state this as fact. Except when it’s Tim Tebow.

Also Pictured in Stands: Arkansas fans who can read at a 12th grade level.

South Carolina/Auburn: Isn’t The Ole’ Ballcoach a great nickname? You know what this game has? ESSSS EEEEEE SEEEE SPEEEEEEDDD. Apparently Auburn is higher than Iowa in the polls, so let’s go ahead and change that. Enjoy the game with this delightful recipe for wine burgers. Wally’s awesomely bad pick: SC 35-21

I just came.

UAB/Tennessee: Peyton Manning on a jetski? Peyton Manning on a jetski. UT 17-10

Unfortunately not in photo: Eli in his water wings

Cal/UofA-Holes: I’m still bitter about last weekend, so yea. Wally’s totally biased pick: Cal 120-0. And just like UofA fans, Keanu Reeves is confused by a cupcake.

Oregon/Arizona State: Upset pick of the week? Nah. Wally’s only Rational Pick: Oregon 28-7. Just like Oregon’s national title chances, which of these things isn’t real? I think it’s Steven Seagal.


Every Friday Wally will find some of the greatest stuff on the internets, and stuff that you’ve probably seen before. I don’t care, I started this feature so I can just run a photo of Minka Kelly. Get it? Because she was in that one show Friday Night, ah screw it, RUN THE PIC.

You can come sit on my couch Minka.

25 Hangover Cures: []

Why don’t you just come have a seat over here? Try and get that image of the first guy out of your head, I dare you.

Two of my favorite things: French Toast and Bagels, together at last.

This guy would look faaaabulous in some Ed Hardy. A victory for douchebag haters everywhere.

Because when you need film, you go to Bing Crosby’s wine cellar.
Well that was fun, until next time, yours truly,

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